Friday, October 3, 2008

Tigerovorous foxcubs

In a dense forest near the sea, there lived a fox and a lady fox. They had three very small cubs. But they had no place to live in.

As the rainy season came nigh, the fox thought, "What to do now? If we don't find a hole or a tunnel now, our cubs will fall sick n die." So, he and his wife searched for two days. As the sun set on the second day, they found out a big cave in the deep of the jungle. But, looking carefully around in the dim skylight, the lady-fox said, "Dear! It's a tiger's cave. How can we stay here?"

Hearing that, the fox said, "What can we do? We searched the whole forest. Now, at last we got a cave. We must stay here."

The Lady-fox said, "What shall we do if the tiger comes back?"

The Fox said, "Then you pinch our kids hard so that they start crying aloud. I'll ask you then, why they're crying. And you then tell me, they want to eat the tiger.

So, the lady-fox said, "OK. Got it." And she happily took her kids inside the cave. And, they started living there.

One week passed like that, and nothing happened. Then, as the ninth day rolled into the tenth, in the dark of the evening, the lady-fox saw the tiger coming. Quickly she held her cubs in one paw, and with the other paw started pinching them hard. And the way the cubs cried was really remarkable in loudness and pitch.

The fox was watching the whole thing. Now, he cracked his voice, and in a coarse tone asked, "Honey! Why are the kids crying?"

Lady-fox replied in a similar coarse voice, "Honey! They want to eat tiger. That's why..."

The tiger was happily returning from a feast at his cousin's. Suddenly he heard all the noise and the words, "they want to eat tiger." He was so stunned that he started sweating. He thought, "God! Who these creatures are inside my cave! They must be very dangerous ogres. That's why their kids want to eat tiger!"

While the tiger was thinking all that, the fox said again, "Where can I get a tiger now? Whatever I could get last week I brought them."

On that, the lady-fox replied, "No way now. Bring one tiger today however you can. Or, they won't stop crying." And she started pinching them harder.

And the fox said aloud, "Aha! Hush hush! I see there's a tiger coming right here. You give me my crockey... I'm going to do it frockey."

Now, there is nothing called crockey or frockey. All that were the fox's creation. But, the tiger's heart stopped hearing that crockey and frockey. He thought, "Let me save my skin in time before they attack"."

And he did not wait a second there. The fox peeped out a little and saw the tiger running out of the place without looking back. Then, he and his wife breathed out in relief.

Meanwhile, the tiger was so scared that he ran out of jungle losing all breath.

A monkey was sleeping peacefully on a mango tree. As the tiger came there running he woke up by the sound and wondered, "It's strange! I've never seen in my ten years on earth a tiger running as if for life! Must be something serious happened" So, he shouted from the treetop, "Hey hey tiggy-bro! What happened? Why are you running like that?"

The tiger lost all his breath by then. So, he stopped with his tongue out, and managed to say, "Running for life brother. Or, by now they'd have eaten me alive!!"

Totally confused, the monkey asked, "Eat you alive? Is there such an animal? I never knew!! You must have mistaken."

Tiger said, "Had you been there you'd have known. Anybody can comment from a treetop."

Monkey replied, "Had I been there I'd have showed you that there was nothing. You're stupid, that's why you got scared."

The tiger got very angry hearing this.

So, he said, "So I'm stupid? And you are very intelligent? Very well. Go there and show me."

Monkey said, "Of course I'll. But, you've to carry me on your back."

On that, the tiger said, "Very good. Come. sit on my back." And he fearfully started back to the cave.

There, the cubs already fell asleep when the fox saw the tiger coming back with the monkey on his back. Quickly he woke up his wife, and she started pinching the kids.

And they started crying like ghost-kids.

When the tiger was near the cave's mouth, the fox changed his voice, and said, "Aha! Stop stop!! Don't cry so loudly. You'll fall sick!"

Lady-fox said,"I told you. If you want them well, go and bring a tiger immediately. Until they eat a full tiger they won't sleep."

Fox said, "But I asked their uncle to bring a tiger long ago. He must be on the way with the meat.

Aha! Here he is! Ai my little toona moona! Stop crying. I see your monkey-uncle has brought a tiger for us. Give me my crockey to make it a frockey."

The monkey held back his courage through all these, but as he heard crockey and frockey, he leapt up a tree and vanished from the scene.

And what to say of the poor tiger! The way he ran out of that forest, he could have easily gone to the tiger's olympic and set a record for the sprint.

After that, the foxes had no trouble. They happily lived there ever after.

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