Sunday, October 5, 2008

Keu Katha Rakheni

Nobody Kept Promise PAinting Anirban Lahiri

Nobody kept promise for thirty-three summers… nobody

I was in school when
A chantress stopped her Passover song…
She promised me the rest before
The fullmoon day…
Scores of scores of moonless nights
Came and passed by.
The chantress did not come.
Twenty-five years.
I sit in wait for her.

My uncle’s rowman Nader Ali said,
Grow up little master,
I’ll take you to the three-phase water canal
Where hornets and snakes play
Together on lotus.

Nader Ali, how bigger must I grow?
Will you show me the three phase canal
When my head breaks through the roof
And touches the sky?

I could never buy a single Royal marble
Kids from the Pawn brokers’ house always
Bought and licked the flavored icecream.
I had to stand at the village Lord’s palace-gate
For an experience of the Easter blasts inside
In fountains of champagne n colors,
All the white ladies’ golden hands.
They were not for me!

Papa once touched my shoulder, and whispered in my little ears,
“Look up my sonny! One day, we’ll too…

Papa is blind now, we never looked up
Those Royal marbles, the icecream stick, those Easter days
No one will return them anymore!

She kept her scented scarf on my chest,
Varuna! She said,

“The day you’ll really really love me
My breasts will pour out scent like this!"

What didn’t I do after that? I staked life for love
Tied red band over the wild bull’s eyes
Ransacked the whole world to get
One hundred and eight blue lotuses for her…

She kept not her promise.
Only the smell of flesh in her breasts now
Still she is any woman, carnal, vulgar…

Nobody kept promise… thirty-three summers passed, nobody keeps promise.


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